The Razor of
the Year
5 sharp blades encased in aloe soap
for the smoothest shave yet.
We're Billie. We're here to give you everyday TLC from top to toe. We deliver award-winning shaving supplies and premium body care products at a fair price without the pink tax.
Women's razors cost
10–15% more than men's razors. Not cool.
Billie was built for all of womankind, celebrating our choice to be shaggy, smooth or anything in between.
Limited Edition
90's Kit
Everyone's favorite 90's accessories are back – butterfly clips, temporary tattoos, a glitter pouch, and more. Select DreamPop when you check out, and you can add the kit to your order.
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Not just a pretty face
  • Sharper — 5 blades, sharper than your killer comebacks.
  • Smoother — encased in aloe shave soap for extra skin love.
  • Affordable — half the price of the competition.
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Happy Skin = Happy Days
Made with natural ingredients
No parabens or sulfates
No synthetic fragrance
Never tested on animals
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  • Vegan
Gluten Free

Billie's luxe but affordable razors, with blades encased in aloe shave soap, guarantee you'll never have a bad shave day again.

I can't suggest Billie's razors enough. They might just be game-changing for you, too.

My legs were silky smooth for a full two days after using it. Plus, the magnetic holder is the best way of storing a razor I’ve ever seen, and is weirdly fun to use.

The Billie razor is the sh*t

Top Innovations That Made
Women's Lives Better in 2017

Incredibly close shave.

"The cute way to be a lady."
– Drew Barrymore

I tried the $9 subscription razor service for women and I'm never going to buy razors in a store again.

How it works.
Your Starter Kit consists of a Billie handle, mag(net)ic holder and two 5-blade razor cartridges for $9.

Ongoing, we’ll deliver four replacement blade cartridges to your door for $9 (at a frequency of your choice) so you never run out of supplies.
  1. Choose Your Color
    Pick from 4 handle designs.
  2. Choose Your Frequency
    Tell us how often you want blades delivered.
    Free shipping always.
  3. Cancel Any Time
    Skip, adjust, or cancel: no strings attached.